Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Moose RUN!!!!!!!

It seems like the moose have taken over the news the last couple days. Every time I log on there's a new story about a misbehaving moose. For some reason, the location is always Washington. Coincidence? Maybe. Or is this a scheme between these creatures to take over the country? j/k, but you gotta admit it is pretty strange! I think the weirdest story regarding a moose that I had ever heard was when one kept going swimming in this lady's backyard pool. It took them ages to get him out!

Anyway, check out the two articles below and add your opinion on what you think is up with these crazy moose! :) Feel free to add your own stories about crazy animals on the run!

Moose gets loose!

Baby Moose falls through Wash Family's House!

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