Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caffeine is God, or at least a Demigod

        Yeah so I went on a late date last night and went to some 24-hour diner where all the waiters either acted like they hated your face or they were smiley but didn't speak any English.  After getting ice cream they just gave me my check and I wanted to stay longer so I asked for coffee even though it was like midnight, without realizing  I coulda just done decaf.
         So I was up acting happy and caffeinated and talking to people in different time zones and going on facebook and making some fantasy baseball trade offers until 5:30 A:M.  You should try it, some day you don't have anything important the next day, it really is quite fun and other people will either share your happiness or smile as they discreetly dial the psychiatric hospital.  Speaking of, here's one of my favorite insane vids that the making of probably involved a lot of caffeine or some other more potent drug (protip: I recommend just watching the first 6:30 to avoid nightmares and such).  You've probably already seen it if you're crazy enough to visit here, but why don't you watch it anyway since you're clearly already procrastinating?  That's the spirit!

Update - 8:31 P.M. - Blargh caffeine is evil don't do it kids ughhhh

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