Friday, January 9, 2009


I finally got a DDR during Christmas! Since then I've played it a couple times with my sister and managed to get the hang of it. It seems like you need to be really hyper to play the game. Hence, Purple Cow once again suggests that caffeine can make or break you - use it wisely.

I spent today looking at DDR vids online to see if I could pick up any pointers from masters. To my suprise I found that the best DDR player is a 4 year old kid!! LOL! Check out this clip and be amazed at this kid's skills. It's ridiculous!

DDR Child Prodigy


Roopa said...

I just read the following article and figured this may be of interest to our readers. It suggests that you can lose weight by playing video games.. and no not the consoles where you just sit there, but Nintendo wii and the DS systems.

Fulfilling your resolutions with video games

Purple Cow Beta said...

This is good, but i could totally get an A on this one but not a Double A without a lot of practice. But you wanna see a real pro, check this one out (focus on "JSB" the guy on the left, he's better and even has a DDR song named in his honor)