Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Regularly Scheduled Insanity!

Starting this Saturday, we will be now posting fresh comics every Wednesday and Saturday!  It's an unconventional schedule for webcomics, but I figure it's good to help get you over the hump day hump (or keep you busy while doing the hump day hump) and also something to look at and procrastinate with on those lazy saturdays.  We are also hoping to have some animated shorts about once a month or so, and probably some other kinds of randomly scheduled, random randomness. 

 So spread the word about Purple Cow, we're new to the webscene so we'd love you unconditionally if you can help a few handfuls of people to know about us.  Well I suppose then it's not really unconditional love but yeah just do it anyway, and Roopa and I will try to wish good karma onto you or something because we can totally do that.  Peace out, girl scouts!*

                                                      - Ben a.k.a. Purple Cow Beta

      * P.S.  We do not necessarily endorse the Girl Scouts of America, but we may be prone to "accidentally" nabbing their delicious delicious cookies while they aren't looking

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