Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moo-ry X-Mas!!

o Just wanted to wish our viewers a very Merry Christmas!! :) We hope that you have a fantastic Christmas and get everything you want!

Please continue to celebrate the Holidays by visiting our blog! We're just getting started but the craziness is only going to grow from here on out! We hope you keep coming back!

Here are a couple more links for your enjoyment!
1) A Geek's guide to surviving Christmas

No the geek isn't one of the purple cows, it's some random youtuber! Rather odd clip. Enjoy it!

2) Robbie the Reindeer: Robbie Meets Santa
Robbie the Reindeer is a series on TV that Ben Stiller actually started. The first one "Hooves on Fire" aired in 1999 in the UK first. The cast in that version was different than the US cast. After it was a hit there they sold it to the US and replaced the cast with the likes of Brad Garrett (Santa), Britney Spears (Donner), Ben Stiller (as Robbie), and even a UK dude - Hugh Grant (as Blitzen). It's worth watching. The clip itself is when Robbie meets Santa but the full version is on Youtube.

<3 Purple Cow Team

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