Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comic - It's What's for Dinner

Hey, if there's ever a nuclear attack - they'll become the new hot item.  Speaking of hard shelled creatures no one really likes, I tried crab for the first time last week at a casino.  I wondered why the dish was called the "Smashing Crab Party" until they brought out three whole crabs with a claw cracker and a wooden mallet, and a cute little crab smashing bib.  I just took the mallet and started cracking the shell, making a mess everywhere; from the look of the New Orleans couple next to us, I was doing this terribly wrong.  They came over and instructed me on proper crab-destroying technique, which is actually a quite complex and multi-step process, and I must say now I am definitely a pro at it, crabs beware.

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